10 Countries With The Most Christians In The World

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The distribution of Christians around the world is diverse, with several countries having significant Christian populations. Here are the ten countries with the most Christians as of my last knowledge update in January 2022:

1. United States.

The United States boasts the largest Christian population, with various denominations including Protestantism, Catholicism, and others.

2. Brazil.

Brazil has one of the world’s largest Catholic populations, and it’s also home to numerous Protestant Christians.

3. Mexico.

Mexico is predominantly Catholic but has seen a rise in Protestantism in recent years.

4. Russia.

The Russian Orthodox Church holds a significant presence in Russia, making it one of the largest Christian countries in Eastern Europe.

5. Philippines.

The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic nation with a substantial Christian population.

6. Nigeria.

Nigeria is split between Christianity and Islam, with a significant Christian population in the southern regions.

7. China.

While China is officially atheist, it has a growing number of Christians, including both Protestants and Catholics.

8. Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The DRC has a substantial Christian population, with a mix of Catholicism and various Protestant denominations.

9. Ethiopia.

Christianity, primarily in the form of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, is widespread in Ethiopia.

10. Germany.

Germany is a predominantly Christian nation with both Protestant and Catholic traditions….See More

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