14 Common Mistakes Women Make In A Relationship

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You are slowly killing your relationship as a woman if you make the following mistakes below:

1. Behaving like the mother of your man might cause more harm in your relationship. Men hate it when women treat them like a child. You are supposed to love and respect him, not to dictate everything that happens in his life.

2. Start talking about marriage too soon when the relationship is not up to 6 months, you have to understand your partner first before bringing up a conversation about marriage in the future.

3. Stock in a relationship you are being treated like a slave or poorly. If your boyfriend doesn’t love you, leave the toxic relationship.

4. You neglect your friends or end some friendship with people because of your relationship.

5. You fail to put enough time in your relationship. If you love your man, you will always create time to spend with him.

6. You always act too busy. You can’t expect to have a perfect or successful relationship if you can’t give your partner enough time in building the relationship.

7. Furthermore, you don’t know your worth, you go for any man that comes your way.

8. Not appreciating the little things your man did for you, you only focus on the things he has not done for you. Men like to be appreciated. The more you appreciate your man, he does more.

9. Always nagging the truth is nagging will not solve anything in your relationship.

10. You act funny and tell him nothing is wrong when something is obviously wrong. Speak up if something is wrong, tell your partner voice out. Don’t build the anger in you.

11. You stop looking good or taking care of your skin, hair, clothing when you settle in a relationship.

12. You compare your relationship with others, remember everyone is unique in their own ways and no one is perfect, never compare your relationship with anyone.

13. Not only that, but you always treat your man the same way you treat your girlfriends, this is wrong. Your man needs to be treated special.

14. You make your man feel angry and worthless by putting everything before him. Your man should be first before any other thing.…..See More

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