2 Pentecostal Pastors That Have Preached In A White Garment Church (Photos)

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In Nigeria and Africa as a whole, there are a lot of churches and Christian religious centers scattered all over the nook and crannies of the nation but there seem to be a thing that differentiates them from each other. Even though Churches are operating using the Bible as the lead, the doctrines that each church operates with are the thing that stands as the difference.

Some church denominations believe in something while another church might be operating using another doctrine and they can all be traced to the Bible. It is with this regard that some Christians have come up with the assertion that Pastors shouldn’t preach in Churches that don’t operate similar doctrines with theirs.

However, some Pastors who are founders or General overseer of popular Pentecostal churches have come against this conventional assertion by going to preach and share the gospel of Christ in Churches that doesn’t use the same doctrine as their own. In this article, we will be sharing with you two Pastors that have preached in a White Garment Church.

1. Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Recently, The General Overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye was present at the commissioning of a White Garment Church (Prophetess Esther Ajayi’s Love of Christ (LOC) ultra-modern worship center in Lagos on Sunday).

From the reports that we gathered from the Nations newspapers, the General Overseer who is also a pastor of a Pentecostal Church didn’t only attend the commissioning but he also preached during the program. Although, he later revealed that it was God that commanded him to honor the invitation.

2. Mike Murdock

Another Man of God that have been captured preaching at a White Garment Church Is Evangelist, Pastor, and Dr. Mike Murdock. Sometimes in 2016, the American Evangelist and Man of God ministered in the Church of Reverend Esther Ajayi, the Love of God Generation Cherubim, and Seraphim Church.

As a matter of fact, the Man of God also wore the garment (Sultana) of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church while has was preaching.

This is indeed a good step by these popular men of God as they’ve been able to break that conventional assertion of Pastors of a denomination not preaching in another Church. With this action, they’ve been able to also pass the message of Unity to the Christian community all over the world….See More

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