3 Days Ago, I Couldn’t Find My Baby’s Earring, Then I Thought, Maybe It Fell On Her Bed And I Didn’t See It

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Today, i had and instinct to check her ear if it’s dirty and behold I saw the earring deep inside her ear. out of shock, I went to one chemist shop for help and was observing her, instead it seemed like the ring was going deeper inside her ear,
I carried and quickly rushed her to the hospital for a professional doctor to remove it, after much trials he said, the only option is surgery,,
at this point I had cried my eyes almost out..

After a very short prayer in my heart, i pleaded with the doctor to try again, he reluctantly did and boom the ring came out just like that without any struggle .

Pls, help me thank this God oo where would I have start from still crying over the lose of my mom then this again”  God am so greatful  you are so worthy to be praised lord….See More

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