5 Things Women Don’t Like To Hear From A Man

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There are some things or compliments women want to stop hearing, most especially from men. It might look cool to you as a man, but women hear these words on a daily basis and are now getting tired or irritated by the words.

You can find other ways to compliment a woman not using the same method on a daily basis, this is the same thing women actually hear almost every day of their life.

Here Are 5 Compliments Women Want To Stop Hearing From Men:

1. You Are So Beautiful.

She knows she’s beautiful and has heard that from hundreds of men. The line you are beautiful doesn’t sound new to a woman anymore.

So as a man, you have to be more innovative or special in the way you complement a woman than saying some words on a daily basis.

Women want to hear other things, not you are so beautiful all the time.

2. You Are Very Intelligent.

This doesn’t sound like a good compliment, in my own opinion. Do you expect her to be stupid?

Find a good way to compliment a woman. The word “Intelligent” doesn’t make sense.

3. You Are Too Fine Not To Have A Boyfriend.

Many guys are under this category. It is not every woman that is supposed to be in a relationship because she looks beautiful. You have to stop this type of thinking or mindset.

Or telling a woman you are too fine to walk under the sun. Do you want her to fly? You are indirectly telling her she’s pretty and broke, and some women find these words annoying.

4. I Like Your Shape.

Such words might make some women uncomfortable. Some men even go as far as saying I like your backside or front side, in my opinion, I don’t think that is a compliment.

5. There’s Something Different About You.

Some women hate hearing those words because it is hard to tell whether the man means something good or bad.

It is best you say I like the way you talk, then say there’s something different about you…..See More

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