7 Signs That You Are More Intelligent Than The People Around You

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Passing exams or memorizing history books by heart are not always synonymous with intelligence. Here are seven signs that you’re smarter than your mates.

1. You Like To Be By Yourself

The more time a highly intelligent person spends socializing with friends and acquaintances, the less content they are with their own lives. This sounds a little strange. In general, belonging to a group makes you happy, and remaining together and belonging to a group makes you grow. When it comes to people with high Intelligence, though, the situation is almost the opposite. Psychologists at the London School of Economics agree that excessive socialization will make people with high IQs feel worse. Being alone isn’t necessarily a sign of interversion, but it may also be a sign of higher intelligence.

2. You Feel Pressured

People with a high IQ typically choose a path in life that is different from the norm. Their course appears to be unusual and unacceptable. They are aware that they should do better and try new things, but they live in a society that accepts the status quo. That’s why they’re under so much pressure to fit in. The majority of the world’s wealthiest men were highly educated individuals who were given the opportunity to demonstrate their seemingly absurd ideas. Unfortunately, some lost and were overlooked, but Intelligence is still rewarded.

3. You Often Daydream

Daydreaming may not be a symptom of inattentiveness, but rather a sign of intellect. In their research, Georgia Institute of Technology psychologists found a connection between daydreaming and intelligence. It takes a lot of intelligence and emotional strength to create imaginations that are so real and convincing that they make you daydream.

4. You Have An Open Mind.

Intelligent people should not close their minds to new ideas and feelings. They are always looking for alternatives and are open to hearing other people’s thoughts and viewpoints. They don’t take anything at face value and they need enough facts and thought.

5. Your Indecisiveness Stems From Overanalyzing

Before making a decision, highly intelligent people need to know the advantages and disadvantages, but the more they consider, the less likely they are to act. They spend so much time considering options and analyzing data that they begin to question their final decision. Because of their frustrating desire to get the best result, they produce so many “what if” situations that they are unable to make decisions.

6.  You Feel Dissatisfied Or Unhappy

Yes, indeed! This is the disadvantage of intelligence. They normally don’t fit in, and they wonder if it’s true that they’re faking behaviors to fit in. They feel as though they are betraying themselves when they appear to be less intelligent in order to fit in with the party. This is exacerbated if the person lacks social support or experience managing themselves and their environment.

7.  They Connect Concepts That Seem Unrelated

Smart people can spot and link ideas and trends that no one else notices. This is due to their ability to make analogies. Our lives have been made simpler by creative minds. There is no link between a handset and a radio or a camera, but today’s phones have both. Intelligent minds connect seemingly unrelated events to create context. For the less intelligent, this might also sound far-fetched.….See More

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