7 Things You Must Do When A Nigerian Police Officer Stops You On The Road To Avoid Arrest

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One common problem people often face whenever they come in contact with law enforcement agents is fear. Very often, when people see Police officers or soldiers with guns parading the street, they begin to shake instantly.

If you do these things I mentioned above, do not worry, it is natural for people to fear whenever they see security agents walking past them or brandishing a gun. This is because they seldom come in contact with men in uniform and also the remembering of stories of how people were arrested and maltreated by Police officers in the past.

Have you ever been arrested before? have you ever evaded or escaped arrest before?. When a police officer stops you on the road, the biggest mistake you can make as a person is trying to run away from the scene. This automatically raises the level of suspicion against you and the police officer can decide to shoot you in the process. If the officer shoots you in the process, he has a defense.

In this write-up, we will be revealing 7 things you must do when a police officer stops you on the road to avoid unnecessary arrest.

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1. The first thing that often comes to mind whenever a police officer stops you on the road is to run away. Do not attempt to run, running away from the police officer raises the level of suspicion against you.

2. Identify yourself immediately the Police officer asks you to do that.

3. Demand to know the reason for your arrest if you were not arrested at the scene of a crime.

4. Demand for the arrest warrant duly signed by a magistrate or senior Police Officer.

5. Do not engage the officer in unnecessary argument, this may trigger him to maltreat you because he has a gun.

6. Remain silent when a Police officer asks inappropriate questions. If he insists you answer him, tell him that you have the right to remain silent until you see your lawyer.

7. Be polite to the police officer.

I hope this helps you in the course of your contact with law enforcement agents. Please, be a responsible law-abiding citizen always…..See More

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