A Look Into 5 Most Dangerous Prison In The World

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5. Georgia’s Gldani Prison

In the past, torture was commonplace at the Gldani Prison. On September 18, 2012, video footage of convicts being raped, tormented, and physically assaulted by prison employees was shown on major Georgian TV networks. Georgian students and residents organized protests in response to the global broadcast. The prosecution and conviction of guards who tortured and violated human rights was ordered. The government has a “zero tolerance for human rights infringement” policy.

4. North Korea’s Camp 22

According to reports, the North Korean jail known as Camp 22 or the Hoeryong concentration camp was shut down in 2012. Human rights abuse, human experimentation, and cruel treatment have all taken place at Camp 22. Its existence was consistently denied by the North Korean leadership. Over 1500–2000 people per year, predominantly children, died from hunger at Camp 22, which had some of the worst living conditions ever recorded.

Prisoners were subjected to various forms of torture, including as kneeling, water torture, hanging, and box rooms. They were also the subjects of experimentation by less skilled medical personnel, who used them as practice patients for surgery and, most often, killed them. Prison and surveillance firms like Palantir Technologies Inc (NYSE: PLTR), Corecivic Inc (NYSE: CXW), and The GEO Group Inc (NYSE: GEO) will need to adjust to new governmental rules as calls for transparency grow, notably in the US.

3. San Quentin Prison, United States

San Quentin is the only prison in California with a gas chamber and death row. It is also the oldest prison in the state and has housed a disturbing number of serial killers and rapists. When a guard was being uncuffed on January 25, 2006, a death row inmate sliced his arm to the bone. Over 100 prisoners suffered injuries in February 2006 as a result of racially motivated attacks. No matter how many guards there are, there will always be a problem with violence in San Quentin, making it one of the most dangerous jails in the world.

2. Russian prison Black Dolphin.

Black Dolphin Prison is a Russian prison that houses some of the worst criminals in the country, including pedophiles, terrorists, rapists, cannibals, and serial murders. In order to prevent them from planning escape routes or attacking prison employees, guards bend detainees over, grab their handcuffed hands behind their backs, and blindfold them while they move them between buildings.

In addition to not being allowed to lie down or even sit on their bunks for the whole 16 hours of wake time, inmates are only permitted 90 minutes of exercise every day. Black Dolphin Prison, which has 700 inmates and has killed 3500 people in total, is ranked number 22 out of the 25 most dangerous jails in the world, with an average of five victims per prisoner.

5. United States: ADX-Florence Supermax Facility

Comparatively speaking, a supermax jail provides a higher level of custody and monitoring than a maximum-security facility. The Colorado-based ADX-Florence Supermax Facility has earned a reputation as one of the toughest prisons in the country by housing some of the worst criminals in recorded history. As of July 2021, ADX is equipped with 344 prisoner beds and is escape-proof. Inmates spend 23 hours in solitary confinement and are constantly watched.…..See More

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