Check Out 14 Nollywood Actors You May Not Know Are Dead (Photos)

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1. Pete Eneh

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Eneh, who graced the Nollywood scene appearing in hit movies such as Issakaba, Perfect Temptation, and Royal palace died on November 15, 2012 in Enugu State, Nigeria due to the pain of living with an amputated leg.

2. Prince James Uche

Nollywood legend, Prince James Uche who appeared in Nollywood classics such as Igodo, Lost Kingdoms, and Coronation, died in 2017 after after a long battle with kidney disease. He died 2 days before his scheduled appointment for a kidney transplant.

3. David Ihesie

Nollywood veteran actor, David Ihesie, who starred in classic Nollywood comedies mostly as the parent or in relationship to ‘Aki and Pawpaw’ appeared in movies such as 2 Rats, Things Fall Apart, and Goddess of The Sun. The actor died in January 2012 at the age of 73 following a brief illness.

4. Ashley Nwosu

Another Nollywood icon, Ashley Nwosu who appeared in blockbuster movies such as Regrets of Life, Tears in my Eyes, and Outkast, died on 21 April 2011 at the Yaba Military Hospital after being diagnosed with liver problems.

5. Geraldine Ekeocha

Nollywood icon, Geraldine Ekeocha who graced Nollywood cinemas in movies such as After My Heart, The Plain Truth, and 7 Graves died on the 4th of September, 2011. Geraldine died of cancer of the liver at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku Ozalla, Enugu State. She left behind 7 children: 6 girls and 1 boy.

6. Enebeli Elebuwa

Nollywood giant, Enebeli Elebuwa popularly for his amazing acting strength blessed us with over 100 movies including Heart of a Fighter, Against my Blood, and Abuja Connections. Tragedy hit when on the 5th of December, 2012, news broke that the beloved actor had died at the age of 65 after having a major stroke.

7. Clem Onyeka

Imo born actor, Clem Onyeka was famous for being featured in movies such as Sorrowful Kingdom and Widow’s Testimony died at the young age of 37 after being hit by a stray bullet caused by a crossfire between the Nigerian Police and armed robbers in Asaba, Delta State.

8. Nora Nkiruka Ugo

Fast rising actress, Nora Nkiruka Ugo, who became famous after starring in the movie Husbands of Lagos tragically passed away in Lagos around January 2018 after a long battle with an undisclosed ailment.

9. JT Tom West

Nollywood bad boy, Rivers State born, JT Tom West popularly known for starring in movies such as State of Emergency, Labistar, and Above The Law died in September 2006 after being involved in a car accident while on his way back from a filming location late at night.

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10. Sam Loco Efe

The death of Sam Loco Efe got the whole Nigeria crying on the day that it was announced. The actor popular for his comedic roles starred in countless movies including Alice My First Lady, Osoufia and the Wise Men, and Slow Motion. The beloved actor died in a hotel room in Owerri where he was editing a film. He died in August 2011 aged 66.

11. Aisha Abimbola

Beloved Nigerian actress, Aisha Abimbola popularly known as Omoge Campus came to real fame after appearing in her breakout movie, Omoge Campus. The actress died on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 following her struggle with breast cancer.

12. Obi Madubogwu

Talented actor, Obi Madubogwu who acted in movies such as Karashika, The Champ, and Passion of My Blood died on August 28, 2017 after battling with acute diabetics and foot ulcers.

13. Olumide Bakare

Nigerian actor Olumide Bakare popularly for playing the role of Chief Koko in the TV series, Koko Close suffered cardiac arrest earlier in 2017 and was rushed to the emergency unit of University College Hospital Ibadan where he was placed in intensive care. He died on April 22 at the age of 65 after a failed battle with heart and lung disease.

14. Justus Esiri

Beloved Nollywood actor, Justus Esiri who starred in movies like Wasted Years, Forever, and The Prize died in a hospital in Lagos on February 19, 2013 after complications from diabetes…..See More

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