Check Out How This Chinese Glass Bridge Was Tested Before People Were Allowed To Cross

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Let’s talk about China and their amazing tech game. They’re always up to something cool to make the world a better place. One of their latest creations is a see-through glass bridge, and trust me, it’s mind-blowing!

Now, people weren’t entirely sold on the idea of walking on a glass bridge. They were worried it might just give way under their feet. But, hey, China had a plan to prove them wrong.

There’s this video that shows a guy with a big hammer trying to smash the glass, like a real-life superhero testing the bridge’s strength. Guess what? The bridge stood strong, no cracks, no shattering – just pure toughness.

Here Are Some Few Photos; 

After the superhero test, they let people walk on the bridge. And let me tell you, it looks amazing! The photos show how several people can stroll on it at the same time. It’s like walking on air with a killer view.

See Some Photos Of Transparent Glass Bridge And Several People Taking A Walk On It;


Now, the big question: If you were in their shoes, would you dare to cross this glass bridge, even after it passed the tough guy hammer test…..See More

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