Check Out What Happens To An Aircraft When It Is Hit By Birds

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Have you ever wondered what happens to an aircraft when it’s hit by birds? Or ever imagine the impact they could have on it while moving at high speed considering its weight. This event is known as bird strikes in the aviation industries, and in this article I will explain what happens to an aircraft when it is hit by birds.

Most birds usually fly at low altitudes except a few ones like the eagle that can climb at high altitude, aircraft rarely get hit by birds when they are high in the air, but comes under attack when they fly at low altitudes and this happens when they take off from the airport or are about to land.

The damage cause by bird strike is not much but can crash an aircraft depending on the parts hit by it, and this can either be the nose cone, screen, wing, or the engine. When the screen is hit, it cracks and this disrupts the air pressure inside, and the pilot will have make a request for landing because it will be too dangerous to continue the flight with a cracked windshield which will eventually break due to the force of winds and increasing air pressure.

The engine of an aircraft can also be hit by a bird while in mid-air, and such a bird will become trapped inside it, this is known as ingestion of engine, as the fan blade slash it in pieces but if the bird is a large one, it can stop the fan blades by causing a displacement of one part of the fan into another, a case known as cascading failure. This affects the engine and can cause the aircraft to crash.

It is more severe when a flock of birds runs into an aircraft moving at high speed, the impact can be so much especially when both the windshield and engine are hit at the same time. This can cause so much damage to it.

The nose cone and wings are not much affected by the impact from a bird. However, to reduce the collision between a bird and aircraft, the aviation industries make use of chemical repellant, dogs, and effigies to drive birds away and prevent them from flying around…..See More

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