Doctor Screamed When This Baby Was Born; Claim It’s The First Child In History To Born With This

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The boy reportedly had three of the same body part when he was born, according to reports.

To the best of our knowledge, Dr. Shakir stated in a research that was printed in the International Journal of Surgery Case that “this is the first reported case with three p-nises or triphallia.”

When the toddler was sent to the hospital for a swelling in the scr0tum, the medical issue was discovered. Doctors who examined him found a 1-centimeter-long p-nis under his scr0tum sack and a 0.8-inch organ sprouting near the base of his major p-nis.

According to the study, supernumerary p-nises are a highly uncommon congenital defect that affects one in every 5–6 million live births.

They chose to remove the two p-nises that were linked to the original p-nis after further investigation revealed that only the child’s primary p-nis was functional and that the other two lacked a urethra within. The youngster wasn’t exposed to drugs while he was in the womb, and neither did his family have a history of genetic abnormalities, according to the Daily Mail, therefore the oddity has left doctors perplexed.

The Iraqi baby was later released and didn’t mention any problems related to the procedure to remove the two extra phalluses. The paper stated that “Triphallia is an unreported condition in humans up to this point.” Patients with extra p-nises present differently, and no two cases are the same. The challenges of the treatment are medical, moral, and aesthetic……See More

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