How Far Does A Bullet Travel In Water?

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A bullet is a projectile fired from a gun, typically made of metal and used for hunting or warfare. It is propelled by the explosion of gunpowder.

Typically, weapons are used in the open, but you may have wondered if you might use them underwater for fishing or hunting. A gun will fire underwater, but it won’t have much of an impact. Water’s pressure can drastically reduce a bullet’s maximum range because it is significantly denser than air. Contrary to popular opinion, quicker bullets go a shorter distance through water than slower ones do. Additionally, the distance is less the sharper the tip.

A 556 cartridge will therefore cover less ground in water than, say, a 45 ACP or a 7.62 AK round. A pointed bullet will travel from half a meter to 4.5 meters, or around 5 yards, depending on the caliber and rifle. With a round tip, a bullet can travel farther and have an effective range of up to 2.75 meters (3 yards).…….See More

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