How Ronaldo Paid Back His Childhood Friend Who Helped Him Get Into The Academy

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Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably one of the best to ever play the beautiful game of football. The 36-year-old has won so many trophies and has created and broken so many records in the game of football.

However, Ronaldo might not be as great as he is today if one of his childhood friends had not helped him in some ways. Few years back, Ronaldo thanked Albert Fantrau for helping him during their childhood days.

How did Albert help Ronaldo

Ronaldo and his friend Albert sitting on the fields

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Cristiano Ronaldo revealed that his friend, Albert sacrificed himself to make the Portuguese international become one of the most famous persons in the world.

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According to Ronaldo, the duo played as teammates in a match where scouts were watching the game. The scouts announced that whoever scored the highest goal will go to the academy.

Ronaldo scored the first goal of the match then Albert scored the second goal to make it 2-0 on favour of Ronaldo’s side. The third goal was supposed to have been scored by Albert but his actions surprised everyone.

Albert was one-on-one with the goalkeeper, he dribbled past him and was left with a free post to score. Instead of scoring the goal, he passed the ball to Ronaldo who was running after him.

Albert had the chance to score the goal but he gave it to Ronaldo who scored the third goal and went to the football academy.

Ronaldo went to meet Albert after the match to ask him why he didn’t score the goal by himself. Albert told him that it was because he(Ronaldo) was better than him. According to Albert, his football career died after the match and he became unemployed.

But his good friend, Ronaldo was loyal to him and paid him back with different gifts including cars and money.

After the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in 2014, Ronaldo helped his friend, Albert out of the stands to join him in celebrating Real Madrid’s 10th Champions League title. The duo were found hugging each other passionately.

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Albert in some unknown ways changed Ronaldo’s path to life by helping him into the academy and Ronaldo has not forgotten what his goof friend did for him a few decades back.….See More

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