Meet Pastor John Of Revival Church Whose Leg Can Never Touch Ground Until His Congregates Buy Him A Prado

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Pastors are spiritual leaders who play a crucial role in the religious community. They are responsible for guiding and supporting their congregations through various aspects of their spiritual journey. They have typically ordained ministers who have completed seminary training and have been officially recognized by their denomination. They are typically the head of a church, responsible for preaching sermons, conducting worship services, and providing guidance and counseling to members of their congregation.


Pastors also play an important role in their communities outside of the church, often serving as advocates and leaders on social and political issues. They may also provide support and assistance to those in need, such as the sick, the elderly, or those struggling with addiction. In addition to their responsibilities within the church, many pastors also have administrative duties, such as overseeing the church’s finances, managing its facilities, and leading its staff. They are often seen as the face of their congregation, and as such, they must possess excellent interpersonal and leadership skills.

However, Popular Gothurai pastor John Mwangi has elicited conflicting responses from online users. According to him, until his congregation buys him a Prado VXL 3500 cc, the servant of God will constantly need to be carried because he cannot walk on sinful land…….See More

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