Meet The Brutàl Leader Who Kílled 7000 People Just To Celebrate His Mother’s Burial (Photos)

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The great warrior named Shaka kaSenzangakhona, was just like other men on earth but was unique in his own ways and respected by many individuals at his times.

He was born in July 1787 in south Africa, his father was named zulus.

His father was a great man and known as the zulus nation, he was the king of the zulus kingdom as of that time.

Zulus was well know in his regime and was a very strong man in battle and also rich.

Back to the story Shaka kaSenzangakhona also have a mom named Nandi, he spent most of his life living with his mother, because his dad chase away his wife and his son away from zulus kingdom, when he was still so young and a little boy.

With time go on ‘Shaka‘ was adopted by another man named chief Dingiswayo and he grow in this new land and became a very fearful and great warrior ever.

Dinigiswayo also like engaging ‘Shaka’ in little friendly battles to make him very strong as man and inspiring to be a great warrior of his time.

Shaka grown up to be a strong man and build a very strong warrior base. that will be very difficult for a normal man to defeat with some help of Mthethwa empire.

When Dingiswayo pass away his adopted father, Shaka took over the community chief Dingiswayo left on his hands before joining his ancestors, Shaka in the other hands go in, in war with many neighboring villages to a point he have a very large army base of 40,000 soldiers.

Shaka was a very strong warrior and wicked at the same time, it was reported that any one who disobey his order was killed or head cut off.

Their was a time he killed a full village he conquer to just send a message.

Shaka becomes a strong leader and very fearful, also respected by all individuals and villagers near and far.

Shaka made his territory, the Zulu village be an eye of the city in his time in terms of social activities and looks with this zulu village people where respected by all race.

Shaka love his mother so much then anyone else in the world, a day came when Nandi, his mom fell sick and gave the ghost (died) he cried and was very heartbroken, he commanded the whole kingdom to morn the death of his beloved mother.

He also gave an order, that no new crops should be plated for a year, and no one should drink honey and milk for a year.

He also gave an order that was so fearful because of his mother death, a law that all pregnant women should be killed that year.

More then 8,000 people lost their life’s in his regime, for not obeying to his instructions or find guilty for not mourning his mother enough to satisfy him.

The zulu village becomes a living hell since the death of Shaka mother, and the villagers start planning evil thing’s to take Shaka down.

In the year 1828 Shaka was killed by his half brothers name Dingane and Mhlangana khona and was buried with no honor.

This the interesting story about the zulu tribe today.

What a sad story and life cut short story of Shaka full life story. His mom death really turn him to a monster a great man…….See More

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