Meet The Only Son Of Nollywood Actress, Oge Okoye, Who Has A Striking Resemblance With Her (Photos)

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There is always something so interesting when we see mother and son who share a striking resemblance with each other and it’s even more delightful when the mother is a celebrity. Most of our female Nollywood celebrities had welcomed sons who are a spitting image of them, and one of them is actress Oge Okoye.

Oge Okoye is no doubt one of the most beautiful actresses in Nigeria, she’s not just beautiful but she also has a flawless skin and it’s so good to see that her son inherited these good genes from her.

Almost very little is known about actress Oge Okoye’s Love life because she always keeps her family away from the internet. But fa veritable research shows that she was formerly married to a business tycoon, Stanley Duru. The pair tied the knot in 2005 and got seperated after seven years of marriage.

Oge Okoye gave birth to two children before her marriage crashed. Her daughter is known as Crystal and her son is known as Chibuike.


Check out some of his photos below

Chibuike is the only son of actress Oge Okoye. He was born on the 16th of June, 2009 . Hence, he is 11 years old by age. He’s so smart, talented and has a striking resemblance with his mother as they both share same eyes, nose, complexion and other features……See More

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