Mom Saw Her Older Son On The Baby Monitor Entering The Baby’s Room ‘While He Thinks She’s Asleep

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If you grew up with brothers and sisters, you know how difficult it can be to get along. However, you love each other wholeheartedly and would go to any length to help one another.

It might be difficult to teach siblings to be kind to one another. But one child does not require instruction on how to do it. A beautiful little boy was just seen on film doing the most incredible thing. Every mother is supposed to have a third pair of eyes in the back of her head to keep watch on her children, and with the help of technology such as baby monitors, their tasks have become much easier.

Mason, a 10-year-old boy, was captured on the baby monitor cuddling his 18-month-old brother, Greyson, according to his mother. Mason had heard his little brother weeping from the next room and crept into Greyson’s room, thinking his parents were asleep, to console him.

His parents, unbeknownst to him, were watching the entire charming event from the baby monitor in their bedroom. “I was smiling the whole time,” Gloria, a mother of six, told TODAY Parents. “He has an indescribable love for Greyson.” I’m not even sure how to explain it.” Gloria was moved by her son’s thoughtful deeds and wanted to share the video on TikTok. It quickly went viral, and it already has over 5.6 million likes…..See More

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