Nurse Placed Healthy Baby Next To A Dying Twin And ‘What Happened Left Everyone Speechless

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As many people think, Paul’s newborn, 12 week premature twin daughters caused problems that altered medical history for all time. Babies weren’t typically held or even placed in an incubator together.

At the time, experts believed that the medical profession might view premature babies as being too delicate and fragile. One of the twins’ previously stable condition took a turn for the worse at three weeks old when she started having respiratory problems, her heart rate spiked, and her oxygen level decreased. Even so, her skin started to turn blue.

GayIe wanted to do something that had not before been done in the nation when she was working as a NICU nurse. something that would transform American medicine. In order to start skin-to-skin contact, sometimes known as “Kangaroo Care,” which was known to be beneficial in treating premature babies outside of the United States, she made the decision to place the stronger twin, Kyrie, in the same incubator as BrieIe.

Kyrie quickly covered her sister with her small arm in what the media would later refer to as the “Rescuing Hug.” The next action Kyrie took was nothing short of a miracle; she wrapped her little arm around BrieIe, whose numbers started to stabilize right away. The stunning shot that has come to be known as the “Rescuing Hug” was taken and published in Reader’s Digest and Life Magazine.

Now healthy and content adults, BrieIe and Kyrie will always be grateful to GayIe. In addition to saving the twins, the nurses’ rapid thinking helped spread the word about skin-to-skin contact. This practice, known as “Kangaroo Care,” is routinely used to care premature babies, some of whom are just 23 weeks old……..See More

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