Please Don’t Insert Your ATM Card If You Notice These 3 Things In Any ATM Machine

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The advancement of technology on a daily basis results in the introduction of novel tools for making life easier. Although there is an advantage to technical advancement, there is also a negative in that cybercriminals are taking advantage of it to strengthen their plans and strategies.

Consider the following three things to keep an eye out for before entering your ATM cards into any ATM machine.

A skimmer attached to the atm’s card reader.

The first thing you should do when you arrive at an ATM machine is check to see if the machine is equipped with a money skimmer. Anyone who is not familiar with ATMs should be aware that skimmers are little electronic devices that are connected to the card reader.

This skimmer is capable of reading the magnetic stripe of a credit card and capturing the information on it. Because these scammers can use that information to steal from you, I am confident you understand the ramifications of this.

A plastic overlay attached to the input buttons of an atm.

There is another sort of skimmer that may be fitted to the input buttons of an ATM in addition to the skimmer described above, which is described in detail below.

Unbeknownst to the user, this plastic overlay has the capability of taking their PIN information as they enter it into the machine.

As a result, it’s critical to always check for any plastic overlays before using any ATM machine.

Camera device attached to the atm machine.

A last and important type of ATM skimmer that fraudsters employ is camera devices that are strategically placed on the ATM machine itself.

Every action that takes place as consumers insert their card into the card reader and input their card PIN can be recorded by the cameras on their smartphones.

Please keep in mind that if you come across one of these skimmers, do not make the mistake of utilizing that particular ATM.

Furthermore, it’s important to report it to the bank’s authorities so that other naïve users are made aware of the situation before they become a victim themselves…..See More

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