See The Only Arab Nation With Around 0.1% Of Moslems And 97% Christians

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When talking about the nations with the most seasoned type of Civilization, a nation situated on the North West Asia, Armenia is unquestionably on the rundown.

In history books, Armenia is likewise the soonest country to acknowledge Christianity in the year 301 A.D during when Saint Gregory otherwise called the illuminator convinced Tiridates III to acknowledge Christianity.

Preceding this year, Armenians were at that point part of the old Armenian agnosticism under the religious philosophy lessons of Zoroastrianism.

The religion of Christianity in Armenia could be followed back to the first century A.D, and it was brought by two holy people, specifically  Bartholomew and Thaddeus who were both the devotees of Jesus Christ.

Middle Easterners In Armenia 

The indegenes of this nation are generally viewed as Arabs by the external Middle East habitants, this supposition that was made because of the way that, Armenians keep up a nearby bonds with Arabs, Turks, Kurds and Persians, subsequently, they are being called Armenians or Parshakian in Armenian language.

Created Armenian urban communities can be found in Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Israel, Syria, among other Arab center East locales.

Peoole from this nation are principally individuals from the Armenian Apostolic Church with roughly around 93% of Armenia’s populace.

This reality broadly demostrates that Christianity has previously being regular among Arabian locale and center East before the coming of Islam. Other Christian Sects in the center East and Arabian promontory include: the Coptic and Asian Minor Orthodox Churches.

The Armenian focal government didn’t acknowledge Islam at the hour of Islamic preachings. The nation formally went to the most punctual country to acknowledge the good news of Jesus Christ with it’s Christian history going back to the principal century A.D. Accordingly, as Christianity is spreading generally in the center East, Islam is developing consistently in Europe and Asia also…..See More

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