15 Scary Foods That Nigerians Eat (See Photos)

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Here is a list of animals and other things you probably didn’t know Nigerians enjoy cooking and eating. Which of them have you had?

While you may be used to just chicken and fish, there are people in parts of Nigeria that quite adventurous with their meat. Here are 15 unconventional foods that Nigerians eat.

1. Cow brain

Cow brain is a delicacy for some tribes. The brain of the cow is used to prepare a special stew known as “Kwanya” and could make the faint-hearted ill. If you don’t have the guts, simply don’t eat it!

2. Grass cutter Faeces

The droppings of a grass cutter are used by some people to prepare soup. It is believed it makes the food smell good, and it is also highly nutritive.

3. Dog meat

While the rest of the world believes that the dog is man’s best friend, some Nigerians, particularly Calabar and Ondo people, see the animal as a delicacy. A dog is not necessarily meant to be a pet or guard the house, sometimes it is just a good source of protein.

4. Snakes

Apparently, snakes taste like fish. They are well-seasoned, roasted or fried. People aren’t afraid of the fangs and venom, neither are they afraid of the cold-blooded slimy animal.

5. Monkey

Even though monkeys and apes are like second cousins to human beings, some Nigerians have no problem cutting up these species and making a bubbling pot of stew with them. Monkeys for meat are discouraged as they are said to be one way that the ebola virus is spread.

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6. Locusts

Locusts are of the grasshopper specie and destroy crops. They are usually fried with palm oil, smoked or dried.

7. Bat

Apparently, a lot of Nigerians enjoy bat meat. The winged mammals are a delicacy in certain places, and you can even get some to buy on the expressway from those selling ‘bush meat’. They are also discouraged as they are speculated to be one form that the ebola virus is spread.

8. Winged termites

9. Palm weevil larvae

After harvesting palm wine from the palm tree, the tree is left to rot and later produces some kind of big worms, popularly known as “Akokuno”. These worms are roasted and eaten as a delicacy.

10. Grasshoppers

Hunting grasshoppers is a favourite pastime for children in rural areas. They can be fried, boiled, salted, or sun-dried.

11. Cricket

Crickets are another group of insects that children like to hunt for and take home to fry or roast with pepper. According to Legit, crickets are low in fat and provide complete protein containing all nine of the essential amino acids.

12. Frogs

Frog as meat isn’t common in this part of the world, but many do it. They are either fresh or dried and used as meat in stews and soups. They kind of taste like chicken.

13. Alligator

It is quite common for alligators to be killed for their skin and commercial purposes, but as crazy as it may sound, alligators are also killed for their meat. This is also very common in Asia.

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14. Lizard

Agama lizards were very popular during the civil war when there was little to eat. Now it is something that is eaten, not quite often and especially by children in rural areas who are adventurous. The lizard is roasted for its meat.

15. Mopane worms

Native to South Africa, mopane worms are large caterpillars which are considered as a good source of protein. You can find the black worms in fried, dried or roasted state, being sold in local village markets in Nigeria. They can be eaten roasted or used in soups and stews…..See More

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