2 Priceless Things Micheal Jackson Could Not Buy That We Take For Granted

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Many people believe that money can buy anything in the world. They work day and night in the hopes of amassing enough money to buy everything. However, when people make a lot of money, they discover that there are many things in life that they can’t buy.

Micheal Jackson, one of the greatest musicians of all time, died 12 years ago today. He was extremely rich, but he couldn’t afford these two priceless things which many of us take for granted.

1. Peace Of Mind.

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When Michael Jackson was alive, he was the subject of multiple allegations from women and young boys. His mind was disturbed by the constant media attention.

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Micheal Jackson’s turbulent life resulted in many restless nights, which negatively impacted his health. Following his death, a sleep expert said that Micheal Jackson is the first person he’s ever heard of who went two months without Rapid Eye Movement sleep[Source CNN]

2. Sound Sleep

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Micheal Jackson’s official cause of death was an overdose of propofol, a medication his doctor admitted to giving him before his death to treat his insomnia, i.e inability to sleep.

Despite his wealth, Michael Jackson couldn’t sleep like the rest of us. He rolled from one side of his luxury bed to the other all night until his doctor gave him sleeping drugs, which led to his death.

Micheal Jackson’s doctor was charged with involuntary manslaughter after his death. The doctor was sentenced to four years in prison, but due to excellent behavior and prison overpopulation, he was released after two years.

Michael Jackson’s Doctor, Conrad Murray.

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Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, like his life, grabbed news headlines around the world. He died at the age of 50 and was buried in a 14-karat gold casket.

Micheal Jackson’s Golden Casket

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As the world remembers Michael Jackson today, I want you to know that money cannot buy everything. Make time for yourself to rest and stay away from anything that can disrupt your peace of mind…..See More

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