2 Things That Yakubu Gowon Said About Igbo People That We All Should Know

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As we all know, Igbo people tend to be one of the most important tribes in Nigeria, alongside the Yoruba and Hausa people. In 2020, according to the Guardian newspaper, Yakubu Gowon, the former president of Nigeria, shows the importance and effort of Igbo people in Nigeria with these two statements that we should know.

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Nigeria would have been poorer without the Igbo.

Yakubu Gowon makes it known that the South East people are blessing to Nigeria because Nigeria wouldn’t be rich in this manner if Igbo were not part of it.

However, having Igbo people are one of the blessings that God has given us that cannot be denied.

Yakubu Gowon made it known that Almighty God didn’t make any mistakes by taking all the tribes in Nigeria together as one, and the almagation of 1914 was truly a work of the Almighty God.

With Igbo people, the future of Nigeria is great:

Gowon said make it known that if Nigeria can keep unity and peace with the Igbo, then he surely believes that the future of Nigeria is bright as it won’t take too much time for the giant of Nigeria to get back on track.

To keep unity and peace, Yakubu Gowon urges the government to make sure that there is equity and fairness and that they treat every tribe equally in their administration.

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What are the lessons learned?

This is an advice to the Federal Government to address the various marginalization that the Igbo and other tribes in Nigeria are experiencing.

This is also a lesson for all Nigerians who believe that promoting hatred and proving superiority among tribes is a wise choice. Yakubu explains that the idea cannot help us in any way because, if we want our sweet future to be closer, we must allow peace and unity to reign among ourselves…..See More


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