3 Reasons Why Israel Can Never Be Defeated In Any Way

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1. God is with them

The Israelites’ power comes from God. He fulfills his obligation under the agreement he had with the Israelites. They consistently have God’s protection, which explains why they frequently triumph over their adversaries. In addition, if God is with you, no one can be against you.

1. Well-equipped military

The air force, land forces, navy, and military intelligence make up Israel’s armed forces. These units are all well-trained and equipped with modern weapons of war.

Modern technology is built into every one of these combat weapons, making it easy for them to engage and outmatch their adversaries. The soldiers are unpredictable since they are skilled in the air, water, and land and well-trained to combat in every terrain.

3. The United States government assistance

Israel and the United States share a significant stake in the fight against jihadism. The United States of America generously supports Israel militarily and financially. Israel benefits from American support in international forums…..See More

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