5 Common behaviors women put up And How You Can Cope As A Man

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1. Jealousy.

Here is one common attitude you would notice in every girl that is already into you. Psychologically which can also be seen as biological, there is a drive that activates every woman that this belongs to them and nobody else. This is one very important thing to them which they would not want to share with anyone. You would notice this attitude in her when she is in love with you already or when she has decided to be with just you and nobody else. And so when you notice this attitude in a woman, all you need to do is give a convincing explanation and make sure she is satisfied with the explanation.

2. Another Common Attitude In Them Is That They Love Attention.

This is one way she would be satisfied that you’re for her alone and you truly cherish her. Some of them would go as far as telling you that this is what they want and you’re not doing it. Whenever you find yourself in this situation, all you have to do is give her the attention she demands. When you do this it would save the relationship and make it sweeter.

3. Women Love To Be Cared For.

Hers is also one thing that is very important but common to every woman. They love to be cared for and so they see this as a gesture that shows you truly love them. When she notices that you’re not doing this, what you will begin to notice is some weak behavior towards you and so as a very loving man that you are, you need to show how much you care for that woman. It would go a long way in saving your relationship.

4. Women And Money Equals To One.

A friend would always say give her money and see her smile and happy with you, but do not this and see her at arm’s length. As important as all of the things mentioned above, much more important is this point also. You’ve to learn how to appreciate her with cool cash. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should give her a huge amount of money, as small as you can afford she would appreciate it and be happy with you. That way you have even earned her prayers. She would be willing to say some prayers for you. This is very important.

5. Women Are Very Emotional.

Yeah, the5my all are. You’ve to be very understanding at this point. Whenever you see her getting emotional, you need to be very welcoming, understanding, caring and available These four things are very important to them at this state. Don’t take their emotional state as a joke. She needs you at that very moment to be there for her.….See More

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