5 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Financial Help From Friends And Families

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1. You are using expensive phone.

The truth is that you can’t beg friends for assistance if you are using an iPhone 13 and a $10,000 phone, and you want to borrow money or a loan from a friend who is using a $10 Nokia touch lite phone. Depending on how you seem, people may decide whether or not to assist you. Since 99% of problems can be solved by your phone, it is understandable that we might feel ill will toward helping you. However, we are all only human

2. The Friends You Choose to Keep.

As a human, it is wise to choose a hard-working friend who has goals and whom you can ask for a favor at any time. If he is wealthy, you can be certain that he will never let you down. When you need assistance, your tendency of moving with folks who are not particularly financially secure may work against you. I’ll tell you who you are if you show me who your friends are, according to a proverb. Hence, whether you’re a man or a woman, attempt to create a better circle of friends who are always there for you when you need them.

3. If you don’t stick to your word, you don’t have anything worth exchanging.

Even the bank will need collateral before lending you money or offering you a loan. Using trust as collateral is not a wise course of action. No matter how strong a friendship may be, attitudes around money and repaying debts might alter. In case you didn’t follow through on your commitment or didn’t meet up, try to have something worth giving back

4. Your justifications for requesting money.

Another reason why many people get turned down when they ask for money or support for their ideas and what they want to do with the money is because of this issue. That is really important and might persuade someone to lend you money. If you approach a buddy for money and tell that you need it so you may stay in a hotel room, that individual may not feel inclined to give you money because you don’t have a compelling reason for doing so.

5. You wear beautiful clothes

Because we live in Africa, we tend to think that everybody who looks great or clothes nicely is wealthy, but this is untrue. It’s humorous, but it won’t change the fact that you try to extort money from your pals while wearing Versace, Gucci, and other pricey clothing.

You can’t wear pricey Gucci gear and demand money from someone who only wears one item of clothing for two days while also making it appear as though you are significantly wealthier than them…..See More

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