5 Signs Your Partner Is Playing With Your Intelligence

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Understanding women can be tricky sometimes. But if you pay attention to how they act and what they show, you can get them and make them happy. Women don’t always say how they feel. They show it by hugging. Hugs mean a lot, and they happen at different times because women are sensitive.

But be careful when you hug a woman. One wrong move and you could mess things up. Here are some things to remember before you hug a woman:

1. Respect her space. Be careful when deciding to hug a woman. There’s a difference between a friendly hug and a romantic one. So, know what kind of hug you’re giving.

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2. Know your relationship. The kind of hug you give depends on your relationship with the woman. Don’t give a romantic hug to someone you work with. It could get awkward. So, think about your relationship before you hug someone.

3. Watch your hands. When you hug a woman, be careful where you put your hands. Don’t clench your fists. Put one hand on her upper back and the other on her lower back. And don’t start rubbing her back unless she’s your girlfriend or a close friend.

4. Think about where you are. Consider the place you’re in when you hug a woman. Don’t hug her in a way that makes people think you’re up to something. This will help you avoid getting rejected.

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5. Decide which way to tilt your head. When you hug a woman, choose which way to tilt your head. Once you’ve decided, stick to it. It’s like a dance, so make sure you’re in sync…..See More

5 Signs Your Partner Is Playing With Your Intelligence

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