5 Things You Need To Know Before Travelling To Ekiti State In The South West Region Of Nigeria

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Ekiti state in the South west region of Nigeria is one of the most beautiful state in Nigeria. The state which was created in 1996 is known for its high presence of intellectuals.

As a tourist or a Nigerian who is willing and ready to visit the state very soon, you may want to know more about the state before you visit.

As an indigene and resident of the state, I will tell you 5 things you need to know about Ekiti state.

1. Their Favourite food is Pounded Yam and Vegetable soup :

All states across the country have their own special meal and Ekiti state is no exception.

Ekiti people are known for their love for pounded yam and vegetable soup because they believe that pounded yam is the most delicious food.

2. Ekiti state is the only state with a warm spring water :

Ekiti state is the only state in the country with a warm spring water. The warm springs is a tourist attraction which is located in Ikogosi Ekiti, a community in the state.

What makes the spring a tourist attraction is because there is another cold spring that meets the warm spring at the confluence.The Ikogosi warm spring resort is one of the most visited tourist centre in Nigeria.

3. The first plane crash in Nigeria occurred in Ekiti state :

The first plane crash ever in the history of Nigeria happened in Ekiti on the 12th of April, 1942.It occurred on a hill in the quiet town of Ikogosi Ekiti.

Till this very moment, two engines and other body parts of the plane can still be found on the hill.

4. They have the highest number of professors in Nigeria :

It is said that in Ekiti state, each household has a professor. Ekiti is not only blessed with natural resources but also blessed with human resources who are doing well in their choosen careers and fields.

Some of the notable professors that hail from Ekiti state includes the late Professor Adegoke Olubunmo, Professor Niyi Osundare,Late Professor Sam Aluko,Professor Ade Ajayi among others.

5. All towns in the state adds ‘Ekiti’ To Their Names

One unique feature of the state is that all the towns in the state takes a common suffix which is ‘Ekiti’.This means their is unity and affection among all the communities in the state. Examples includes Ado Ekiti, Ikere Ekiti, Emure Ekiti, Ikole Ekiti, Afao Ekiti, Iloro Ekiti and other developed and developing communities…..See More

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