After He Mistakenly Paid ’52k’ Instead Of ’62k’ To A Fuel Attendant, See What He Did 3 Months Later

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Mistakes are unavoidable in life; what matters is how they are handled or dealt with, as shown by a perfect case of what a man did months after visiting a gas station and accepting a price that was less than how much he could have paid. According to the man who took to social platforms to confess what he did, he returned to the state three months after making the alleged misunderstanding in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

The guy @Okoyecardinal said that he and some of his friends went to Rivers State for an occasion, and that they stopped by to refuel five of the cars they had driven. However, after they arrived and had their cars loaded, the petrol attendant informed them that their money was 52k (52,000) rather than 62k (62,000), which he had misunderstood and was unaware of before making the payment. Okoye admitted that he was tired after the experience in December of last year, and that he couldn’t go back until he travelled.

Unsurprisingly for him and the fuel attendant, the guy remembered that he was in Rivers State yesterday, and really couldn’t ignore the error, so he drove down to the filling station, where he found the fuel attendant, who was overjoyed that the shortfall had been deducted from her paycheck, so she was grateful he came back for her. The guy who revealed what he did next claimed he didn’t only give her the leftover balance from the error, but he also gave her an extra 5,000 , nearly bringing her to tears.

Despite this, the man’s actions drew a lot of recognition and appreciation, as people praised him for remembering her despite the passage of time and for acknowledging her again. What a wonderful and amazing gesture. What are your opinions on this? Share them in the comments section below, and like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more fascinating news from all over the world……See More

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