After Hearing Noises Behind A Wall, ‘Family Discovered Something Unusual Hidden Inside (Photo)

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The home’s owners claim that although there were rumors that one house was possessed, the reality was quite different.

Something powerful enough to shock the entire planet. The home’s owners started to occasionally hear a strange sound.

But as it became more frequent, the noise eventually became nonstop for the owners. They then realized that action was required.

David claims that at first view, this merely appears to be a typical, unremarkable wall on a typical house. However, a more thorough study by a professional turned out a pleasant discovery for the American owners of this brick building. To reveal precisely what was concealed behind the sturdy brick wall, David had to break into the house’s façade. In one of his more difficult works, a large honeycomb—complete with thousands of honey bees—took up a sizable portion of the wall cavity.

Bricks are sometimes involved, and other times the bees are very high up. I prefer to remove honey bees from buildings in a minimum invasive manner. Brick removal is something I dislike. Will the bricks fall apart or will the mortar crack? When the bricks are removed, can the combs be used?

As much as I hated removing the bricks, the final view of the hive was AWESOME!” To the joy of Facebook followers who followed along and commented on his step-by-step procedure, he videotaped his endeavor. No bees are in sight, at last! The house’s interior wall, however, had some unattractive stains from “thousands of dirty little feet……See More

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