Check Out 3 Large Tribes In North Central Region Of Nigeria

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Without a doubt, the north central region of Nigeria is home to many tribes, in which all of them practice and appreciate their language and culture in the same way that every other tribe does. Unlike some regions in the country, three or four tribes live in a single state in the region.

However, most of the time that North Central is mentioned, many people believe that the region is dominated by the Hausa/Fulani just like in other northern regions, but that’s far from the truth. In this article, I will discuss three of the largest tribes in the north-central.

TIV Tribe

The TIV are without doubt the largest tribe in the north-central region of Nigeria, in which they are spread across Benue, Taraba, Nassarawa and many other states in the federation and in Cameroon. TIV people, like Yoruba and Igbo people, speak Niger-Congo family languages.

The population of TIV people is estimated to be 5 million people, a large majority of whom are Christian, while some are Muslim and others are traditional worshippers.

Gbagyi Tribe

Gbagyi people are primarily found in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, as well as in Niger, Nassarawa, and many other states throughout the country, with a population of approximately 5 million people.

Although some Gbagyi people speak Hausa, and that doesn’t stop them from having their own language, which a large percentage of the Gbagyi population speaks. The Gbagyi people are both Muslims and Christians.

Nupe Tribe:

The Nupe, who are one of the ancient tribes in Nigeria, are believed to be the third largest tribe in the North Central region of Nigeria, with a population of over 3.5 million people.

The Nupe people speak both Hausa and their own language, and the majority of them are Muslim, while there are some minority people who are Christians..………..See More

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