Deeper Meaning Of Psalm 25:14 That You Need To Know

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Here is the deep meaning of Psalm 25:14 that you need to know.

” Friendship with God is reserved for those who reverence him. With them alone, he shares the secrets of his promises.”

According to the scripture above, ” friendship with God is reserved for those who reverence him”, this means that God reserves his friendship with those who fear him. Friendship means the relationship between people who like each other and enjoy each other’s company, this means to be a friend of God or be in friendship with God, one has to love God and as well desire what God desires, and as John 4:24 and Romans 8:5 clearly stated it, God is a Spirit, and that those who are after the Spirit (God) mind the things of the Spirit. Reverence means to show deep respect for someone or something, and according to Isaiah 66:2 and James 4:6, God gives grace to the humble person, and looks on anyone that has a contrite spirit, and also trembles at his word. In Isaiah 41:8 and James 2:23, Abraham was called the friend of God because he believe in whatever God tells him.

” With them alone, he shares the secret of his promise”, this means that God only reveals his secrets to those who belong to him, those who belong to him are his sheep who hears his voice and follow his leading (John 10:3-4), and according to Deuteronomy 29:29, Secret things only belong to God but he reveals the ones that are meant for us and our children, and the ones he makes known are the secrets of the promises he has made with his people. God has made so many promises to bless those who obey his voice and keep his commandments as written in Deuteronomy 28:1-13, and this is why he shares the secrets of his promises with them so that they can obtain his blessings.

As Children of God, our goal is to desire friendship with God, have access to the secrets of his promises as we obey him and keep his commandments…..See More

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