How The Igbo, Nupe, And Benin Tribes Claimed To Be The Owners Of The Oduduwa

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Oduduwa was recognized by the western people as the father and founder of the Yoruba tribe. According to their history, it was learnt that Oduduwa came from somewhere, suggested to be Mecca, before founding the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, which is now one of the largest tribes in Africa.

However, because Oduduwa has never been historically claimed to be a Yoruba man, these three Nigerian tribes claimed that Oduduwa migrated from their tribe.

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Igbo story of Oduduwa:

According to Ohanaeze Ndigbo, and based on their history, they claimed that Oduduwa was a prince of one of the Igbo kings.

They made it known that the real pronunciation of his name is Odudunwa, which means “last born” in the Igbo language. Oduduwa occupied Ile-ife, and Yorubas crowned him King because of his supernatural power, and they also saw him as god.

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The Benin Story of Oduduwa:

Benin people also have a different story about Oduduwa. According to them, he was a Prince of Oba Ogiso who was sent to exile because of the sin he committed.

They said his true name was Izoduwa before it was corrupted to Oduduwa by the Yoruba people.

Furthermore, after being expelled from the Benin Kingdom, Oduduwa made his way through the bush to Ile-Ife, where the Yoruba people crowned him as their king.

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The Nupe Story of Oduduwa:

According to the Nupe people, who appear to have almost the same language and culture as the Yoruba people, they believe Oduduwa migrated from their tribe to Ile-ife.

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The Nupe people claimed that Oduduwa was a powerful man in their kinship before jumping down to Ile-Ife. He was named as Oduduwa by the Yoruba people, which means a person who is from the Rive Niger……See More

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