If Your Phone Drops Into Water, Do Not Panic. Do These Things To Save Your Phone From Damage

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Have you ever jumped into your pocket pool with your phone? Have you ever lost your telephone during the dishes or during the laundry? Or were you caught without a shelter in heavy rain? In fact, water can damage not only the physical components of your phone, but also your photos and records. Do not care much if you are still in one of these cases. In this post, we will cover some useful steps you can do if your computer falls into the sea.

Naturally, the first thing you have to do is get it out of the water right now. This is because if you don’t, you can bring more water into your phone and the more the water will damage your battery.

Then you must turn the phone off. Often the phone turns off as it comes into contact with the water. If you do not do so, your handset will suffer what we call short circulation and the damage to the structures inside. If however, the power button doesn’t work and the telephone doesn’t work, pull the battery straight away.

Next, you can uninstall the sim card, memory card, headphones and all other devices. You should also take the case or cover of the handset. These items can trap moisture and can avoid or mitigate telephone injury. (Remain the sim card, flash card, headphones and peripherals cleaning and drying) (

Dry the handset with a towel or a rag. This just takes care of the moisture on the phone’s back. Go ahead and shake the unit to clear the droplets inside (be sure not to drop the phone when doing this). Now put the telephone in a plastic bag and pump out the air with an aspirator. This sucks the liquid out of the device’s inner components.

The next thing you can do is place your phone in an absorbent material such as a rice bowl. It is understood that a bowl of uncooked rice draws remaining moisture from the handset and flows into the rice. Put your telephone in a container or rice bowl for at least 2 days. After 2 days, you can wait to let it dry again before using it again.

After all, you should toggle on your computer. If it doesn’t work, it usually means that it’s broken. And if it turns on, there are strong odds that it will not be what it once was..….See More

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