Meet Adunni Oluwole, The Woman That Said Nigeria Was Not Ready For Independence

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Olaniwun Adunni Oluwole was born in Ibadan, Oyo state in the year 1905. She was born into the family of an Ibadan warrior and people attributed her bravery and fearlessness to this. She was raised in Aroloyo, Lagos state. Her great communication skills as an itinerant preacher and human rights activist contributed to her fame.

She delved into politics in 1954, and she was the one that founded the Nigerian commoners liberal party (which is not in existence anyone), and it was majorly dominated by men. From the party’s name, it can be seen that the party was not established just for rich people in the society, but also the commoners who want to have to opportunity to play a role in the political affairs of their country, and since Adunni herself cannot be called rich, she attracted lot of commoners. Barely after five months of establishing the party, it won a seat in Ikirun, Osun north, defeating NCNC and AG party. However, the party was short-lived as it has to be shut down due to lack of finance.

As a youth, Adunni wrote a play for the girl’s guild which was directed by the nationalist ‘Herbert Macaulay’. She went on to establish the first female owned professional theater in western Nigerian. She was also famous for opposing the bringing of dead bodies into church for funeral. She claimed she saw a vision where God said He is the God of the living and not of the dead.

Her foray into politics began with the general worker’s strike of 1945. She was moved by the plight of the poor, she hates injustice and a free giver who donated monetary gifts and other gifts to people, most especially women, even though she was not very rich herself. She was a human right activist, an advocate for women’s rights, and she continuously demanded for women’s participation in politics. She was also a great supporter of workers’ right, and she supported the Nigerian workers during the 1945 general strike.

The most mysterious thing about Adunni Oluwole was that, when most people were clamouring for independence from the British government, she preached against independence saying she does not think Nigeria was ready for independence. When a date was first proposed in 1956 for Nigeria’s independence, she opposed it, stating that most of African leaders of given power will misuse it. Her message resonated with the rural people and they become famously know as “Awon egbe koyinbo mailo” which means “the group that says the white men must not go”. It was a mystery to most people, because they felt why would someone prefer slàvery to freedom? Colonial government to self government?

In 1955, she went before the Olubadan of Ibadan to air her political view, but was attacked by Late Adegoke Adelabu (a prominent personality in Ibadan politics)who called her a hàrlot and threatened to hit her with broomstick. She was banished from Ibadan, nonetheless, she relocated to Akure to continue to spread her anti-independence message. It was undeniable that many people saw her as a threat to their continual dominance of politics.

She died in 1957, three years before the independence of Nigeria due to an illness. Most people said, her déath was a blessing from God, in order to prevent her from seeing the current situation of this Country which is nothing to write home about.

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