Meet The President That Never Married, See Who He Used As His First Lady

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These days, it is difficult to dominate without a first woman. In order to win over voters, presidential candidates are supposed to present themselves as responsible parents.

But one guy defied all odds to become the first American president to do it while being childless. the 15th President of the United States of America, James Buchanan.

Before being elected president, James Buchanan was a seasoned diplomat who represented the US as ambassador to Russia. Due to his success both at home and abroad, he is the best contender for the presidency because of this status.

He never got married, which contributed to his presidency’s notoriety. For the rest of his life, he used to be a bachelor. He was given the unofficial distinction of being the most gorgeous US president ever thanks to his attractive features.

Some reports claim that the president was bisexual, which would account for his single status and happy ending. Just before taking office, Buchanan was elected president. He had been married for 15 years to Alabama Senator William Rufus King.

At a period when the United States was bitterly divided over the subject of slavery and the abolitionist movements, he was a visionary leader who oversaw the affairs of his nation.

James Buchanan never got married and never had kids. His niece Harriet Lane was reared as his own daughter after being adopted.

She was the acting first lady even though she was the president’s niece. She had all the qualities one would expect of a president’s wife, even though they weren’t married…..See More

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