PHOTOS: Big Brother Cameroon VS Big Brother Ghana, Which Is Better?

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Many people claimed that Cameron show shouldn’t be called Big brother but small brother as the “house” appears small compared to BbNaija.

Some also claimed that the house looked like an isolation center while others said that the organizers should have sought for advice from the organizers of Bbnaija.

Funny enough, while BbCameroon is still being criticize on social media, Ghana launched its own version of the Big brother reality show (Big Brethren Ghana)

As expected, the show caused a lot of commotion on social media as it appears that the house mate of the Big Brethren show are congested in a room.

Some pictures circulating in Social media showed the house mate lying on students mattress with sachets of water lying around.

It also seems that the house mates are living in unfavorable conditions.

Let’s see some comments on Twitter Regarding this issue

This two counties are really funny.

Which do you think is better BbCameroon or BbGhana...See More

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