Reasons Why Some Chelsea Fans Hate Jose Mourinho Despite All He Achieved For Them

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After two spells at the club, the Portuguese manager emerged as the most successful man to manage the Chelsea Football team in terms of the number of trophies won.

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However, some Chelsea fans have shown some form of hate for the Portuguese gaffer after all he has achieved at the club.

Mourinho helped Chelsea in winning three Premier League titles during his two spells at the club. He arrived Chelsea in 2004, where he was called the ‘Special One’ and he indeed proved to be special as he helped them win back-to-back Premier League titles.

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Why Do some Chelsea fans hate Mourinho after all he did for them

Despite the fact that Mourinho worked so hard to see that Chelsea become one of the biggest clubs in the Premier League, there are still fans who hate the Portuguese man with so much passion.

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After his second spell with Chelsea, Mourinho left the club and agreed to become the manager of Manchester United, a club which is arguably the biggest Chelsea’s rival for both domestic and European competitions.

Mourinho left Chelsea to join Manchester United leaving them in 16th place and one point above the relegation place. His decision to join Manchester United has dragged his name to the mud as some Chelsea fans forgot all he had did for them to face what they call ‘betrayal’ from their so called ‘special one’.

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Mourinho also in some ways destroyed the future of some youngsters at the club. He loaned and sold most of these youngsters and refused to give them a bit of playing time at the club. Players like Mohammed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku left the club to become world class players after some loan spells or possibly long terms of bench warming at Chelsea. Salah became one of the best wingers in the world, De Bruyne became arguably the best midfielder in the world and Lukaku became a beast in any team’s attack after he left Chelsea.

Mourinho also joined Chelsea’s London rival, Tottenham and that strengthened the hate which some Chelsea fans had for him.

These reasons gave some Chelsea fans an excuse to despise the so called ‘Special One’, who was once adored and respected at the club.….See More

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