See The 5 Most Brilliant And Intelligent Tribe In Africa (Photos)

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As it’s hard to find studies on intelligents among African various groups, there are many groups that contributed to modern African civilization. Africa with more than a thousand ethnic groups, there are few that have contributed immensely to mankind especially in education, science and entrepreneurship.

Therefore, the top 5 ethnic groups in Africa who have done exceptionally high to be regarded as most intelligent people cut across sub Saharan African countries are Ibo tribe of Nigeria, Lebou people of Senegal, Venda of South Africa, Gurage tribe of Ethiopia and Tutsi people of central Africa.

Ibo Tribe: This Nigerian tribe could be described as one of the most intelligent and brilliant tribe in Africa. With a population of about 40 million people worldwide, Ibo people achievements in academic performance in top American and European universities has been described as exceptional.

Majority of Nigerian award winning scientists and professors are of Ibo Tribe. Also, it has been studied that Ibo people have been successful in entrepreneurship as majority of top entrepreneurs in Nigeria and some other African countries like South Africa, Kenya and Ghana are from this tribe.

Venda Tribe: Venda people located in northern part of South Africa with a population of about 2 million are another intelligent tribe in Africa. Despite all odds of apartheid system of government that lasted for 50 years, Venda stand a top of all the South African ethnic groups as the most educated and intelligent tribe.

They occupy and run almost 60 of professional post in Gauteng and some parts of South Africa. Their success in education produced scientist and professors in area of science, research and entrepreneurs the highest in the country.

Lebou people: They are ethnic group along the coast of Senegal.Traditionally Lebou people are fisherman. The civilisation and colonialism, the tribe has attained substantial achievement in education. Their success lies on academic exploits ahead of other ethnic groups in Senegal and French West African countries where they dominated constructions and entrepreneurship.

Gurage tribe: Gurage people of Ethiopia with a relatively small population of about 1:5 million people are one of the most intelligent tribe in Africa. Though traditionally farmers, Gurage people are known as hard workers and as a model of good work culture in the whole of Ethiopia. They are one of the most educated in Ethiopia and have made a great achievement in entrepreneurship, dominating Ethiopian business and in some parts of Southern Africa.

Tutsi tribe: Also called Batusi is ethnic group in central African countries of Rwanda and Burundi. Tutsi people are Nilotic people and traditionally herders but advent of western formal education has made them one of the most successful and intelligent tribe in central Africa dominating in education and business over other rival ethnic groups..…..See More

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