See The Original Sixteen (16) Yoruba Crown Kingdoms before British Colonial

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The Original Sixteen (16) Yoruba Crown Kingdoms before the British colonial thugs balkanized our homeland were:

On the West of Ile-Ife:- Their are eight [8]

1. Oyo

2. Egba

3. Owu

4. Ijebu

5. Sabe, Capital: Isaebe, Dahomey

6. Ketu, Capital: Ketu, Dahomey

7. Ifon, Capital: Abomi /Abomey, Dahomey

8. Popo, Capital: Allada & Owida/Ouidah, Dahomey

On the East of Ile-ile: There are eight [8]

9. Igbomina

10. Ijesa

11. Ondo.

12. Ilaje/Ikale

13. Èkìtì/Yagba

14. Owo

15. Akoko/Kabba

16. Edo/Itsekiri

The point of Note: Yoruba hath lost four (4) of her ancient-kingdoms by Colonial-demarcation into Dahomey… and there must be the need to have continued Diplomatic, Cultural, Economic, and collaborative relationship with those kingdoms in Dahomey….See More

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