See What Nelson Mandela Did to The Man Urinating On His Head in Prison (Photos)

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He experienced excruciating times in jail, during which he wrote an incredible personal account, which can be seen in the passage below:

Nelson Mandela, a former South African president who was born on July 18, 1918 and died on December 5, 2013, was a historic figure in the fight against racial discrimination in the political system. He was sentenced to life in prison and slave labour for his struggle for a just world, but was released 27 years later.

After a bit, the waiter took our requests to us, and I found someone waiting for food in front of my table “,

“After I became president, I once invited a few members of my personal security detail to accompany me for a stroll around the city and have lunch in one of its restaurants. We gathered in a downtown diner and ordered food for both of us.

This guy worked as a security guard at the facility where I was kept.

I would also scream and beg for water during the tortures I had endured.

I then told one of the soldiers to go ask this guy to bring his food and join us for dinner. The soldier approached the man to inquire. I asked him a question and he brought his food and sat next to me as I ate. When everybody had finished their meal and the man had gone, his hands were trembling continuously. The soldier explained, “The man seemed to be very sick.” As he fed, his hands were trembling.” Mandela replied, “No, not at all.”

But that isn’t how I am or how I conduct myself. Retaliation mentality kills governments, while tolerance mentality creates countries.”

Every day, the same guy showed up and peed on my head.” As President of the Republic of South Africa, I found him terrified and shaking, wanting me to repay the favour in any way, either by torturing or imprisoning him.

May God grant us the ability to counteract evil with good and to have ideals that allow people to develop and society to progress.

This Mandela story should serve as an inspiration to all common citizens and a lesson in forgiveness for those who have been persecuted and mistreated in the past.

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