Stop Calling Him ‘Jesus’, This is What He Is

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Known for playing the ideal part of Christ in the classic “Passion and Death of Christ,” James Caviezel was the actor who performed the role of Christ in “The Passion and Death of Christ.” He did a fantastic job in his part! Later, his image or portrait became the focal point of Christian devotion, particularly in the Catholic Church. Churchgoers believe that James Caviezel’s portrait represents Jesus, however this is incorrect!

In the words of James Caviezel, he suffered through the moments in which he was subjected to the lashes, and he swears they were genuine! Upon receiving the first stroke, his skin began to peel away. For a non-professional actor, the stakes were quite high. To represent the movie, he used his talents to make it happen.

As a result of the widespread distribution of his photograph, James Caviezel has been referred to as “Jesus.” Because no one possesses the original image or picture of Christ, this is not a far-fetched explanation. Consequently, the picture of James Caviezel took its place.

Having been educated, I strongly advise you to refrain from reverently calling this photograph of James Caviezel as “Jesus…..See More

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