The North Is Not Holding On To One Nigeria Because Of Crude Oil (Opinions)

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Most people in the Southern part of Nigeria thinks Crude Oil is the only reason the North is still supporting the idea of One Nigeria. How true is this assertion? Does it mean the Northern part of Nigeria cannot exist on its own? Is the Southern part of Nigeria more blessed with natural resources? And if the North can exist on its own, why are they not too concerned about breaking away from Nigeria? 

Japan depends on foreign countries for its oil and gas supply. Crude oil in Japan is mostly supplied by the Middle East counties. This did not in any way stop Japan from being among the developed countries. As we speak, their country’s economy is even better than most oil-producing countries.

The Northern part of Nigeria might not have oil, but they have other natural resources that Japan cannot even boast of. The North can develop without crude oil. For the sake of those who don’t know, here are some of the natural resources you can find in the North.

1. Gold

2. Limestone

3. Granite

4. Lead/Zinc

5. Coal

6. Iron-ore

7. Marble.

Let me just stop with these seven. When it comes to Agriculture, we all know what the North is capable of producing. The Northern part of Nigeria is the only reason Nigeria made the top 40 in the ranking of countries according to Landmass. With its large landmass, the North would have enough to eat and export as well.

If the Northern part of the country has all these resources, why are they still holding on to one Nigeria? The answer is simple. They believe we have come a long way to be divided. They also believe we can develop faster if we stick together and fight our common enemies. Division would take us far back.

This Crude Oil we talk about, it would surprise you to know that it is only a few that are enjoying it in the North. The majority of the Northern people are also feeling the hardship we are facing. They even suffer it the most.

All the country needs is a revolution that would change its political system. A revolution that would change Nigeria and not divide it……See More

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