This Beautiful Couple Died The Same Day After Getting Married, See What Happened To The Suspects

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It is always unpleasant to be involved in an automobile crash, but it gets worse when the driver of the other vehicle becomes a snap by moving off the site of the accident.

A message was sent on the Facebook social media platform in order to educate the public of the daily news that is happening locally and worldwide.

The pregnant mother and her wife were buried at the PTI Conference Centre. They were crushed to death by a carefree hit and run driver.

Recently these couples married only a few weeks ago for an elusive driver who didn’t bother to take them to a hospital but went away.

After a car accidents, the drivers cease collecting information from each other and report the accident to the authorities.

The country’s populace continually calls on the State to assist police tackle this problem, because the situation seems to collapse and the problem is out of reach.

The suspects raced away when they knocked them down.

May the grace of God rest peacefully upon the souls of the faithful, for none merits such a death. That is why the rest of the world is astonished. The police will have to take the suspect as investigations are underway and we may wait for a police update……See More

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