This State In The U.S Is Twice Bigger Than Nigeria (Photos)

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Alaska is a state in the United States of America founded 3 January 1959 and it’s the biggest of all States in the U.S with an area of 1,717,856 square kilometers. Nigeria is a country Located in the Western part of Africa with an area of 923,768 square kilometers and a population of over 180,000,000 million people. Though it sounds absurd comparing a State to a Nation which has over 36 States.

As big as the state of Alaska is, the total population in it is not even up to the total number of people residing in Agege and Oshodi, statistics shows that there have been a decrease in total population in Alaska since 2018 due to the Exodus of people out of the state. some major factors responsible for the low population in Alaska are;

– the cost of living is very high.

– Alaska is far away from the rest of the states in U.S.

– it’s too cold out there and the weather condition is too harsh.

– limited economic opportunity and not much of the land is useful for farming

– Most lands in Alaska is unaccessible and uninhabitable because it has a lots of mountains, alps and glaciers.

Texas is the second biggest state in the U.S, but it’s not in any way bigger than Nigeria. So, the top 4 biggest States in U.S are Alaska, Texas, California and Montana……See More

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