Where did Fulani People Of Northern Part Of Nigeria Migrate From?

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The origin of the Fulani people is subjected to debate, and this is probably because various ideas about their origin have been proposed.

People whom historians recognize as Fulani today are assumed to have North African or Middle Eastern origin known as ‘white-rooted’ ethnic groups in West Africa, they have a much lighter complexion than most Africans. These people are the largest nomadic pastoral community and as pastoral people, they tended to move in an eastern direction and spread over much of West Africa in a specific pattern.

The Fulanis, being people of obscure origins, expanded eastward from Futa Toro in Lower Senegal in the 14th century. By the 16th century, they had established themselves at Macina (upstream from the Niger Bend) and were proceeding eastward into Hausa land. Some settled in the 19th century at Adamawa (in the northern Cameroons). Many of the Fulanis continued to pursue a pastoral life; some, however, particularly gave up their nomadic pursuits, settled into existing urban communities, and converted to Islam………See More

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