Why Are Planes Sprayed With Water Immediately They Land?(PHOTOS)

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We have both seen instances where planes are doused with water as soon as they touch down from different locations.

Finding out why fire fighters are tasked with misting gaseous water over the jets is, nevertheless, innately fascinating. This is known as a “water salute.” Some individuals believed the myth that water is sprayed over planes to cool them off.

This is not the case, though. In essence, a water salute is given to an aircraft that is set to stop receiving further service. This is especially true after the final airborne flight.

The airline firm decides to celebrate the retiring aircraft by misting it with gaseous water.

A water salute is also given when the aircraft lands. This event, which signifies the end of flight operations for a specific plane, is typically emotional.

According to Wikipedia, two fire engines are located strategically at either end of the runway. The vehicles splash water over the plane as it touches down..…………..See More

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