Why Catholic Popes Wear this Ring and What Happens to the Ring When the Pope Díes (Photos)

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The custom dictates that a catholic pope must wear jewelry on his finger. The term “fisherman’s ring” refers to this ring. On the pope’s signet ring, St. Peter is depicted as a fisherman, and the pope’s name is inscribed around the edge. This ring is increasingly exclusively worn on that finger while the pope is in charge. It passes away with him when he does. You will be provided with a more thorough example in the paragraphs that follow.

Popes have sported the fisherman’s ring for more than 800 years. Since the 15th Century, papal briefs have been sealed with this ring, which has been in use since the 13th Century. A brand-new ring is given to every freshly elected pope. The ring is used by the pope to sign and date papers. This ring is only valid while the pope is in office, as was already mentioned. It is removed and kept when the pope steps down, as Pope Benedict XVI did.

The ring is broken and destroyed right away once the pope dies. To prevent document falsification, this is done. In front of the Cardinals, the ring is hammered down. Please like, share, comment with your opinion, and follow me for more interesting articles.…………See More

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