Why Jesus Always Referred to Himself As the Son of Man and the Son of God

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The Lord Jesus is truly amazing and awesome in His ways and manner of speech, especially during His time of ministry on earth. He would speak in parables to others and speak clearly to others. He never spent much time explaining the mysteries of the kingdom of God to non-disciples because the secrets are only for the kingdom’s children.

Since the Jews were not always able to open their hearts to the kingdom message, Jesus’ use of beautiful words to describe Himself was not always clear to them. They would rather have a warrior king with chariots and cavalry of horses rule over them than a poor Jewish young man who just wanted to live a peaceful and simple life among them.

When the Bible talks about Jesus being conceived by a virgin and born into the world, it often refers to Him as the Son of God. “And the angel replied and said unto her[Mary], The Holy Spirit shall come upon you, and the power of the Highest will overshadow you: so also the holy One who shall be born of you shall be called THE SON OF GOD,” according to Luke 1: 35 of the Bible. It literally translates to “God in Human Form.” It refers to His authority and power to heal the ill, open the eyes of the blind, raise the dead, and proclaim God’s kingdom. This is supported by the fact that the word “Son of God” is used to refer to Jesus as God in human form, or the God-Man, wherever it appears.

However, the Bible often refers to Jesus as the Son of Man, and He would still refer to Himself as such when it came to His suffering at the hands of evil men, His death, and His resurrection. Most notably, when speaking specifically of His second coming, He referred to Himself as the Son of Man. “And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven,” Matthew 24:30 states, “and all the tribes of the world shall mourn, and they shall see THE SON OF MAN COMING IN THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN with strength and great glory.” This implies that Jesus as the Son of Man is distinct from Jesus as the Son of God. When Stephen was about to be stoned, he described seeing Jesus as the Son of Man standing at God’s right side, not as the Son of God. (See Acts 7:55–56.) Only Steven and another disciple, most likely Like, the writer, had seen and grasped the meaning of the Son of Man. The Sanhedrin, on the other hand, did not see Jesus as the son of man. In reality, they charged at him, believing he had blasphemed.

As a result, Jesus has simplified the situation for His followers so that no one can confuse them about a geographical assumption of Him. He told them that the kingdom of God is Inside THEM.

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